HP Incompatible Print Cartridge Error Fix

It is always annoying for most HP users when they must find a quick way of HP incompatible print cartridge error fix. In this case, you don’t have to destroy the print mechanism, requesting the customer support for a consult with an expert recommended by HP.

As a solution, we provide you with the summarized guidelines how to fix the issue quickly and accurately. So, never go frustrating if you do experience such error in your HP printer.

Particularly, there are 3 solutions we are going to share for your guidelines. These three solutions are regarded as the most principle methods to fix the issue.

Solution 1: Reset Your HP Printer

It has been clear very often that resetting HP printer can give a solution to fix the incompatible print cartridge error. Thus, follow these instructions to reset your printer.

  • Firstly, turn on your HP printer and open up the printer’s cover and eject the ink cartridge.
  • Second, place the device outside from its functional place for a few minutes.
  • Next, clean the printer’s cover carefully to get rid of any dirt.
  • Place the device back to its normal position.
  • Later, close the HP printer’s cover and turn it off by pressing the power button.
  • Wait for at least five minutes and turn the device on again.
  • Finally, make a print test. HP incompatible print cartridge error fix will probably done.
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Solution 2: Fix HP Printer Error When Ink Cartridge Is Not Recognized

The second solution comes with several steps below:

  1. As the first step, you need to turn off your HP printer and open its cover.
  2. Eject the new ink cartridge that is not recognized. Keep it aside.
  3. Insert the old ink cartridge that was compatible with your HP printer.
  4. Leave the printer in silent and idle state.
  5. Later, you are supposed to remove the old ink system and install the new one.
  6. Next, you must restart your HP printer.
  7. Finally, make a print job to know that your HP incompatible print cartridge error is resolved.
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Solution 3: Clear Metal Contacts

In addition to fix the incompatible print cartridge for your HP printer, here are the 8 steps follow accurately.

  1. The first thing to do is to turn off the printer device and remove the cable from its electrical socket.
  2. Secondly, open the printer’s cover and eject the ink cartridge gently.
  3. Meanwhile, you should ensure that you have locate the ink cartridge aside nicely.
  4. Now, examine the ink cartridge for the metal contacts.
  5. Later, clean the metal contact using the dry cotton cloth. Then, place back the metal contact to its correct and original position.
  6. Make sure that you carry out the placement correctly.
  7. Turn on your HP printer.
  8. Finally, make a print test on any of your document to check whether your device works back into normal.

Why HP Printer Experiences Print Cartridge Error

There are actually some reasons that are also the causes why HP printer experiences the issue of incompatible print cartridge error. In this case, you need to know the reasons behind to prevent the error from happening many times.

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Firstly, the users often incorrectly install the ink cartridge that is heading an incompatible ink cartridge error message.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that the users know well the installation instructions that are suitable for the printer.

Second, the users may also install the color and black cartridge into the wrong slots. This is similarly leading to an issue of incompatible print cartridge error.

As the solution, as long as you can afford to do the accurate installation and correct placement, your HP printer will actually work properly without any trouble.

To avoid the any issues, it is highly recommended that you always refer to the instruction and follow them correctly.

In short, the three solutions above are expected to help HP incompatible print cartridge error fix. However, if any of the solutions do not seem to successfully fix the issue, you may decide to contact the technical experts recommended by the HP Customer Service team.