How to Make a Wither Storm in Minecraft

If you are following Season 1 of Minecraft: Story Mode, you might be pretty familiar with the Wither Storm. It looks like a wither but it has a huge size.

You can say that it is an advanced version of a wither. It becomes the main bad guy a.k.a. antagonist that appears in the four early episodes of the season. Because of this great impression, people are asking about how to make a wither storm in minecraft.

Wither Storm Appearance

People might be more familiar with the wither. However, when people are talking about the wither storm, they might have a big question about its appearance.

Well, appearance becomes the very first thing that people need to determine something in Minecraft. The appearance of the Wither Storm is pretty similar to the regular wither.

However, one thing that can make it look different from the regular one is that there is a command block within the chest of the Wither Storm.

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It will absorb the blocks surrounding the wither storm. Once it does this, the appearance will change into a giant black thing that has strong and long tentacles.

It also has three heads. You can find one glowing eye with purple color. It also has a large mandible set. Obsidian becomes the most material building this creature. As for the interior, the nether brick becomes the main build. It also has quartz teeth.

Wither Storm Abilities

How to Make a Wither Storm in Minecraft

Let’s talk about the wither storm abilities. People are interested in this creature because this creature is very powerful. Since it has a command block, this creature can obtain this extraordinary power.

One of the powers owned by this creature is Firing Wither Skulls. It allows the creature to explode uncontrolled if it makes a contact.

Big flames accumulation will be left behind. It can use the tractor beam for pulling in person, entity, and also block within it. People cannot be left in the tractor beam for too long because they can be inflicted with Wither Sickness or even just Witness.

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It has some tentacles and it can be used for breaking through all kinds of the block. They can also be used for attacking from far away.

There are more and more abilities that can be found from this creature. This might be the big reason why people want to know more about how to make a wither storm in minecraft.

Summon a Wither Storm

How to Make a Wither Storm in Minecraft

The biggest question you have must be how you can make the wither storm when playing a Minecraft game. You know that this creature has some elements, but can you make this creature by using those elements?

Well, it might be better to use another term about this. Instead of making a wither storm, it is better to use summoning the wither storm instead.

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One thing for sure, you can say that a wither storm is basically a wither but it is more colossal than the regular wither. It will not miss eating the materials and blocks on their way.

As a result, its size is increased along with its threat level. Yes, the wither storm is made by using the pretty same construction as the regular wither.

The normal wither has a soul sand block in the middle while the wither storm has a control block in the middle. You might want to create or summon this creature in a Minecraft game.

However, you have to deal with disappointment because the wither storm is specially created for the Telltale Series, Minecraft: Story Mode.

It means that there is no way you can make this creature when playing the game. You cannot find the guide on how to make a wither storm in minecraft.

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