How to Make a Book and Quill in Minecraft

In this article, you will learn about how to make a Book and Quill in Minecraft. It helps to improve your understanding to defeat your enemies at ease.

Creating the Book and Quill can be the must-have items. You can write and save it for your friends. It is also possible for you to log the necessary information.

Yet, you have to learn about it step-by-step. So, you will have no difficulties making them.

First of all, you are required to find the ingredient for paper. For creating it, you need Sugar Cane. You have to go a little bit to search for it and find it near the water.

How to Make a Book and Quill in Minecraft

After you find it, you have to punch the bottom until it breaks. This way helps you to collect it quickly. It is better to grow it near you that allows you to have some supplies.

Second, start to create the paper from the pieces of Sugar Cane. Each piece of paper requires three cans, and each book needs three pieces of paper. Having three Sugar Cane can make one book.

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How to Make a Book and Quill in Minecraft

You can also find the paper inside the chest. However, it is not a steady supply.

Third, prepare the leather. Asides from the paper, you also need leather. You can find it from a specific animal, like cows, donkeys, horses, llamas, mules, etc.

These animals allow you to get a minimum of 2 pieces of leather from each animal. To make the process on how to make a Book and Quill in Minecraft easy, you can grow them too. Each book requires one piece of leather.

Fourth, start to create the book. In this step, you will learn how to begin creating the book. You have both components for your book now, that is paper and leather.

How to Make a Book and Quill in Minecraft

You have four components, and they are three pieces of paper and leather. You can add all of them to the Crafting Table.

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The Crafting Table consists of a 3×3 crafting grid. You have to place all the components in the top grid and have a regular pattern. You should place them in the correct order.

Fifth, search for feathers from chicken or parrots. You may use chicken as it is easier to find and locate them on the grassy biomes or spawn. Otherwise, gathering seeds from the grass or wheat crops can make the chicken follow it.

Remember, you may keep the chicken and breed them. So, you can take as much feather as you want. However, you can not farm the parrot.

How to Make a Book and Quill in Minecraft

Meanwhile, you can only find the parrots in the jungle biomes. You can attract the parrots by feeding them with seeds. Aside from that, you can find the feathers on the chest of shipwrecks.

The sixth step on how to make a Book and Quill in Minecraft allows you to find the squid for the Ink Sac. You search it in the river or ocean. If you seed a particular river, it can be easier to find.

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How to Make a Book and Quill in Minecraft

You need one squid to take 1 to 3 drops of Ink Sacs. Kill one squid is enough for creating Ink Sac.

Seventh, begin the process of creating a Book and Quill. Now, you get all the necessary components for your Book and Quill.

Place the book, feather, and Ink Sac on Crafting Table.

The Book and Quill are ready to use at the moment. You can use them to write down what you require. It is like a journal or notes that allow you to write something on it.

You can have it to leave any essential information for other players. Hence, it is necessary to know how to make a Book and Quill in Minecraft.