Epson Connect Printer Setup Cannot Find Printer

Having to deal with Epson connect printer setup can’t find printer issue is quite annoying. How are you going to print important business files or documents if the printer isn’t detected?

You believe that you have followed every step in the user guide to set up the printer, and still, the system doesn’t seem to find your printer.

Well, no need to fret because there is always an explanation (or several explanations) as well as solutions to deal with the issue. So, before you are panic-y, read on.

Some Possible Troubleshooting Guidelines

On the contrary to what you believe, the issue of Epson connect printer setup can’t find printer is actually pretty common.

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It may happen to anyone; techies or the non-techies. Even if you have technical background, the problem may still happen to you. So, what’s going on?

The Printer Is Off

There is always a possibility that the printer is off or not connected. There is also a possibility that it may be frozen. So, what to do?

  • Check whether you have turned the device on. Make sure that it stays on.
  • The printer’s connectivity can be seen (and checked) through the green light indicator, which is located on the printer’s back area. If it is on, then it is connected.
  • In the event that the printer has been locally shared with other computers or laptops through physical connections, you should be able to check it on the live network connection. You should also be able to see the
  • Windows login screen.
  • If the printer is frozen or non-responsive at all, then restart it. It should resolve the problem immediately.
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Network Discovery Is Disabled

You probably don’t know this, but Network Discover allows your device to detect other devices’ presence.

It will check whether there are other devices present in the network’s range, and when it does, it enables the other devices to actually ‘see’ you.

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In the event that this feature is somewhat disabled, then you won’t be able to see the (complete) available network printer list.

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And how do you activate it?

  • Click Start. When you see the search box, type in the word ‘network’
  • Afterwards, you can pick Network and Sharing Center
  • Find Change Advanced Sharing Settings (it’s on the left side of the screen), and then tap on it
  • By tapping on it, you will expand the (network) profile of Home or Work
  • Click the option Turn on Network Discovery and then press the button Save Changes
  • You should be able to enable the Network Discovery by now.

(Non Internal) LAN Connection

Your laptop or computer must already be connected to the internal network, so the printing device can be added. If you already connect the computer to the network, you can check the Devices and Printers section.

Within that section, you can choose Add Printer Wizard and your printer will appear there. But if your computer isn’t connected to the internal network, you may likely encounter this Epson connect printer setup can’t find printer issue.

Check the set-up connection of the computer and router. What if you are working remotely? Check whether you have set up a virtual private network – and succeeded in maintaining one.

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If everything is correctly and properly connected, then you should have no issue with the absence of the printer.

Other Possible Solutions

There are also cases where users can no longer find the printer, which is weird. So, the printer was working fine with the computer, but then after a cartridge replacement, it is no longer discoverable.

It turns out that the setting has changed; most likely during the cartridge replacement. In some cases, users don’t really place the cartridge properly, which somehow affects the connection.

If you aren’t really sure what to do or you are absolutely clueless about the whole thing, then you should seek for professional assistance.

You can always go to Epson’s official site to find answers. But if you want fast solution, you may have to hire a professional service to help you with it.

In short, there are several possible options of why Epson connect printer setup can’t find printer happens, and it’s a good idea to turn to the pro when you are overwhelmed.